5 Important Reasons to Use VPN

Use of VPN has proven to be very effective in cloaking and encrypting internet signals which makes it almost impossible for online eavesdroppers to trace out your online activities as you seem to be appearing from very different locations and machines. Now the question is why you need to hide your identity when you are online? Well, there are various significant reasons and five of them are mentioned below.
Reason #1: Your Privacy Must Be Respected.

First of all, your privacy is your basic right which must be given respect and nobody has the right to see what you are doing. But you can’t convince hackers, criminal-minded people and government institutions to respect your privacy; therefore, the better option is to use a VPN to stay safe and secure.

Reason #2: Use of Unsecured & Unencrypted Public Wi-Fi

If you are staying at a hotel or using a public Wi Fi facility to send some of your confidential emails or spending time while browsing, you must know that this is not at all safe. Remember that there is no security with encryption for public Wi-Fi users and the signals can be intercepted very easily by hackers.

Reason #3: Bypass Your Country’s Tough Censorship Policies

If you are living in a country such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, China, Cuba or Afghanistan, you know there are some tough and restricted censorship policies which are imposed not just at educational institutes but also at workplaces and those policies can be real hindrance in your way to get full access to World Wide Web. With VPN, You can get rid of such restrictions within your country.

Reason #4: Access Your Favorite Streaming Even When Outside USA

If you are living in the United States, you might be the a crazy fan of Pandora, Hulu or Netflix, but there are some copyright agreements and restrictive policies which cause hindrance in broadcasting of most the content outside United States which simply means a large number of TV shows and movies can’t go out of the USA and they can’t even be seen by people in European and Asian countries, South America, Canada and UK. If you are outside USA, you can still enjoy all of these programs by using VPN.

Reason #5: Use of Major Search Engines without Leaving Traces

Whenever you run a search on any major search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, your search gets recorded by the engine which will enable them to remember your choices so that they can provide better services, but sometimes you don’t want your search history be recorded and for this purpose you can use VPN.

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